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Up to €50,000 digital bonus

It is a common misconception that digitalisation is not affordable for SMEs. Money is also available from the state.

Very small, small and medium-sized transport companies often receive financial support for their digitalisation projects at state level. In Bavaria, for example, companies with fewer than 50 employees and an annual turnover of less than 10 million euros can apply for the "digital bonus" of up to 50,000 euros until 30 June.

With Cartright, RIO offers a TMS that also enables the integration of telematics applications. Find out more at here.

Trivial, but fatal

Practical experience shows that one of the most common mistakes made when introducing TMS is also the most expensive.

It is the absence of a project manager. The introduction of a transport management system (TMS) WITHOUT a project manager takes longer, is extremely error-prone and many employees are unable to fulfil their actual tasks during the project.  If you appoint a project manager, you ensure greater coordination and clarity - and achieve your goals faster.

RIO's TMS always comes with advice in advance, project management during implementation and support for ongoing operations. All information at a glance.

Log kilometres, save money

The combination of telematics and TMS can sometimes save up to 1000 euros per vehicle and year on leased vehicles. This is how it works.

If vehicles are registered in the TMS and their mileage is regularly analysed, the mileage in the first to third lease year can be extrapolated. This makes it easy to estimate over or under mileage. If there is a clear trend, you can ask the lessor to adjust the mileage - usually before the last year of the lease - and avoid unnecessary extra costs.

RIO's TMS Cartright can be combined with many telematics applications. Find out more here.

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