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RIO makes all vehicles on the fleet visible on one platform


  • Without any hardware updates or purchases, trucks and trailers as well as vans of fleet operators can be united online on the RIO platform via so-called telematics connectors and thus made visible.
  • Transport companies with Scania trucks and a My Scania account can be the first to benefit from this interface renewal at RIO.


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IAA-Transportation: Spedition Fa. Wienkämper setzt auf RIO


  • RIO-TMS Cartright meets all requirements
  • Product range allows one-stop-shop approach for digitization of mixed fleet
  • RIO enables optimization and flexibilization of everyday forwarding operations
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RIO komplettiert Übernahme von TMS-Anbieter Loom


  • RIO completes strategic acquisition of TMS provider Loom, expanding its services for carriers and shippers
  • Loom's modular and web-based Transport Management System (TMS) controls transport orders and shows optimization potentials


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RIO and ZF work more closely together


  • RIO and ZF intensify their cooperation for transparent fleet management
  • For 300,000 trucks, additional flexibility is created with data networking, especially in mixed fleets
  • RIO CEO Jan Kaumanns: "Prime example of cooperation"
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RIO expands its product portfolio for carriers through strategic acquisition of TMS provider Loom


  • Contract signed for the acquisition of Loom Technologies GmbH
  • RIO expands services for carriers after closing with Loom's transportation management system (TMS) Cartright and integration platform Backstrap
  • Loom's modular and web-based TMS manages transport orders and shows potential for optimization
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