Governance, Risk & Compliance

As an internationally active company, RIO has a responsibility towards employees, customers, business partners, investors and the public. This responsibility includes complying with applicable laws at all times and in all places, respecting ethical principles and acting sustainably.

Compliance and integrity are central components of our corporate strategy at RIO. Compliance with laws, fundamental ethical values and internal regulations is a matter of course for us - always and everywhere. This applies equally to all of us at RIO. Only together can we create a culture in which potential risks and grievances are addressed early and openly so that we can deal with them comprehensively.

Jan Kaumanns, CEO


The topics of compliance, integrity, risk management and data protection are located in the Governance, Risk & Compliance area. In addition, Governance, Risk & Compliance plays an important role in the implementation of the sustainability strategy of the TRATON GROUP.

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