Compliance & Integrität

Compliance and integrity are central elements of sustainable corporate success. In order to implement these aspects in all areas of the company, RIO has had a comprehensive Compliance & Integrity Program in place for many years.

Compliance- & Integritäts-Program

The Compliance & Integrity program is designed to promote ethical behavior in the Group. It deals with the prevention of white-collar crime, in particular anti-corruption, antitrust law and money laundering, and the protection of human rights.

The Compliance & Integrity Program consists of three key pillars to:
  • Prevention: Preventing compliance violations.
  • Detection: To uncover any compliance violations that occur despite preventive measures as quickly as possible.
  • Reaction: To immediately and efficiently stop compliance violations as soon as they have been discovered.

Key elements of the Compliance & Integrity Program form:


Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is the central guideline for all employees to act with integrity - in their responsibility at work, as business partners and as members of society. In addition, the Code of Conduct for Suppliers and Business Partnersdefines minimum ethical standards that suppliers and business partners undertake to comply with.


Compliance guidelines

By issuing guidelines, uniform and binding requirements are put into effect for all employees throughout the company. Compliance guidelines exist on the topics of corruption prevention, antitrust law, and the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing. In addition, the Declaration of Principles on Human Rights describes the expectations placed on employees and suppliers to uphold and protect human rights. The declaration is completed by the Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement of the TRATON GROUP.


Compliance Helpdesk & Consulting

Employees can contact the Compliance Helpdesk by phone or e-mail if they have any questions about compliance and integrity.


Compliance-Trainings & Communication

With the help of classroom and online training on the topics of integrity, anti-corruption, antitrust law, prevention of money laundering, and business & human rights, specific example cases are used to highlight risks and communicate the contents of the compliance guidelines. Employees learn how they should behave in order to avoid legal violations and conflicts. In addition to regular training sessions, compliance issues are also addressed through various internal channels such as dialog rounds and events. The aim is to communicate important information and create a culture of open discussion.


Whistleblower system

Potential violations can be reported by employees, business partners, customers or other third parties through various channels at any time and in any language, and anonymously if desired. The TRATON Investigation Office receives all reports and ensures that they are investigated comprehensively and appropriately. More information on the whistleblower system and an overview of all reporting channels can be found here.


Compliance Risk Analysis

Regular risk analysis is used to identify potential risks in the organization and the Group-wide compliance and integrity program is continuously developed in line with these risks.



Regular reporting takes place in relevant committees on the current status of compliance and integrity measures.

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