Become a RIO partner

Let us identify how together we can do more for our customers.

Your benefits as a partner at a glance

Standardised interfaces

REST-based APIs combined with our OAuth extension, specifically developed for our partners and used for authorisation and authentication purposes, simplify access for partners and users. We make life easier for you and your customers, because we transform every signal from the connected vehicles into a cross-manufacturer data format.

Collaborative marketing

Together we make a bigger impact. RIO offers its partners a variety of marketing and communications measures. We integrate our partners on our Webshop – the RIO Marketplace, where all of the services are presented and can be ordered in twelve languages. We also proudly present our partners on the RIO website and on our social media accounts.

Smart data exchange

We exchange data with our partners and use this data to directly enrich the RIO platform and our partners’ systems. Because we process and combine data in an intelligent manner, new application opportunities are created for both parties – for our partners and for RIO. Ideally, this even leads to the collaborative development of a new product!

Our interfaces

Telematics Data

Provides a streaming api with raw telematics-data for your assets like current position, state and driver status information.

API definition


We can provide all maintenance and status data of the fleet at a glance.

API definition

Driving and rest periods

Get minute-by-minute information about drivers’ activities.

API definition

Tachograph and driver card data

We provide you with this data.

API definition

With our service, you will be able to retrieve all asset names such as the number plate.

API definition

We make it possible for you to retrieve all driver names and driver cards.

API definition

Customer access data received

In three simple steps and also in compliance with data protection regulations


You will have your own entry in the list of partners on RIO Marketplace.


Customers can connect to you by making a booking of their own accord.

Data exchange

The customer’s access data is sent to you automatically when a booking is made.

Want to learn more about the technical details?

Take a look at our detailed partner onboarding guide.